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Why is obesity a problem in the United States?  Its affecting men, women and no children at a rapid rate.  First Lady Michelle Obama is striving to find solutions.  What can you do to help?  What can we do as a nation do to bring these numbers down?

A not so surprising report taken by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) concluded the United States has the highest percentage of obese and overweight people in the democratic market economy world.  The group is 33 countries that are committed to democracy and the market economy .  Revealing snippets reported by the Atlantic show alarming reasons to why the U.S. is obese and overweight.  Notable theories in the report suggest the need to change societal norms and individual behaviors and a possible intervention by the government to assist with altering the social environment in order to have  healthier practices by Americans as a whole.

Additional individuals have given their two cents to why Americans are tipping the scales these days.  More health-promotion campaigns, lifestyle counseling and compulsory food labeling are just a few suggestions.   With all of the health and fitness products, DVD’s and other aids, why isn’t it working for Americans?

What’s your thoughts?

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