Obese Women Spend More Than Obese Men On Health Related Expenses

Obesity is a massive problem among men, women and children.  However, women lead the pack when it comes to tipping the scales for some reason.  Are we doing too much? Are we not balancing our forks and putting enough time miles in the gym, track  and aerobics floor?  Books, reality shows( Thintervention, Biggest Loser) and radio programs spend numerous hours speaking about this problem and solutions to rectify this problem.  Studies and health professionals continue to give us new tips and ideas to improve our fitness programs and diets to reduce the pounds, fat and calories.   The battle to lose and maintain our bodies is a lifelong battle.  The pressure is even more so for women.  Now another study comes out and what does this all mean? What are we to do now?

An alarming study conducted by the George Washington University School of Public Health revealed obese women spend more than obese men on health related expenditures.  Daily Finance also reports, the findings suggests the costs are nine times more for women and six times more for men than the health related-costs incurred by overweight individuals.  The study further implies obese women lost a higher percentage of income due to work-related issues, such as higher absenteeism, lowered productivity and time lost at work.

The study’s author,  Avi Dor speculates  the costs are even higher than what the report details.  Dor believes additional costs for clothing, air travel, furniture and automobiles boost spending because individuals have to buy items to accommodate their frame.  However, this speculation is difficult too quantify.  The study goes on to list other costs like direct medical, emergency room, in-patient care increase cost for the obese  as well.

The overall study is a serious document and even the president and CEO of the Obesity Action Coalition  advises some type of  new and aggressive approach come to the forefront for prevention and treatment for the 93 million people who are considered obese already.

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