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Wow, it’s another Friday and the children are home.  Did you hear me?  All of my CHILDREN are HOME and I am by myself!  This means that I must spend all of my time tearing children apart so that they won’t accidentally kill each other or better yet destroy the home that God so graciously gave us.

Sometimes, just sometimes, these sweet little angels will crawl into my lap and give me a big hug while saying they love me.  Other times I hear the sweet idyllic sound of them playing peacefully together. That is when I know I have been hoodwinked because how dare they… how dare they remind me why having children is so much fun.  How dare they remind me of the call God has on my life.

When our pre-marital teacher/counselor mentioned that one of God’s purposes for marriage is to multiply a Godly heritage, my husband and I realized this was the call on our lives.  Yep, we looked at each other and said this is it… this is the call God has on our marriage.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I did not set out on the journey realizing that God would bless me with six children.  Yes, I did say six.

My husband might have heard a large number of children because he would tell people he wanted nine.  I thought he was saying that to shut people up from asking how many children will you have and when will you start having children.   But, oh no, my lovely husband told people that he wanted 9.  You see, he would also say 10 were too many and 8 were too few.  Nine was perfect.

Now, I, on the other hand, wanted an even number of 2 or 4.  Not 3, it’s not even.  When my husband would say 9, I would tell the person that I would have as many as my husband wants.  Yes, I actually love him that much.  But, I was under the impression that one day he would look at me and say no more – we have enough.  And, he did after the sixth child.  But, if God wanted us to have more, we would because we know our call.

But, understand that the call of multiplying a Godly Heritage doesn’t mean you must have a bunch of children.  It is bigger than that.  When God says multiply a Godly heritage, He means everyone you touch – your family, friends, and the others that see the witness of your marriage – is a part of the Godly heritage you are multiplying.  They become closer to God by watching your marriage walk.   They become saved and begin a relationship with Christ watching your marriage work.  They walk and talk differently because they are experiencing God through your marriage.  All of these people are your Godly descendants (heritage) and God uses them to defeat Satan’s kingdom.

Don’t be afraid to multiply your own Godly heritage.  Utilize your marriage for God by having children, honoring your spouse, or just by living your marriage fully God’s way.  You see, this shows people I Am, God is bigger and more powerful than anything we could imagine, and more importantly that God is the only God.  Show someone how God loves us unconditionally by demonstrating oneness with your spouse.  Marriage is the first vehicle God uses to touch the world.

When I look at my children, the couples who have been taught by my husband and I, my family and friends who watch our daily marriage walk standing up for God in their own corner of the world because they were blessed through us, I see the Godly heritage that God called us to multiply.  It makes it easier to enjoy having all my children home which is a part of how I walk my marriage the way God wants.  And for that, all I can say is THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!!