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Once again, we meet at the balance point of light and dark. The Autumn Equinox occurs this year on September 22-23. The Equinox is a moment of balance, of quiet, of stillness, as the Sun passes over the Equator from North to South. We have reached the time of Harvest, and a few hours later, the Aries Harvest Full Moon will reach its peak. A moment of perfect balance, made sacred by the self-awareness we need to cultivate on a full Moon as well as at this time of year. With the arrival of the harvest season, this year 2010 comes to its maturity. We have choices to make, about our personal harvests and about our world, and the cycle of the year demands that we make those choices with our eyes wide open and our hearts filled with a passion for life. That passion for life will get us through the Winter to come.

Take the time to acknowledge your harvest for this year and offer gratitude for the many gifts, as well as tests, that this year has brought you. From what I’m hearing from everyone, this Summer of 2010 T-square has tempered us on a fiery anvil. To those of you who are tired, it’s time to celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year once more. The energies are about to shift.

What are your intentions and goals for the new season – the season for your renewal!

Prepare your body’s  internal clean up plan to detoxify and cleanse for Autumn 2010.    If planning a retreat seems like a good idea to refresh and revive yourself, check out Autumn Equinox Weekend Getaway in California.

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