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You can say what you want about milk.  It seems like drinking this dairy product may assist with losing weight.  A recent study has revealed drinking milk on a diet may boost weight loss.

AOL Health states the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed during a two-year weight loss study that adults who drank the most milk–at least two glasses a day–lost an average of 12 pounds more than those who drank little to no milk.

Israeli researchers discovered each additional 6-ounce serving of milk or milk products, equivalent to about three-quarters of a glass, translated into 10 pounds of weight loss after six months.

Drinking milk may help stop dieters from feeling hungry, which could explain the findings.  Northern California nutritionist, Dr. Douglas Husbands told AOL Health drinking milk may fill people up so they feel satisfied and won’t pig out on  more sugary foods.  He also said milk is helpful for weight loss because it may offset sodas and other things known to be bad.

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