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See, I am so glad its Friday!  On Fridays, I can dream about the days when I don’t have to  get up so early, don’t have to help my six children with their homework, don’t have to make breakfast (oops…my husband does that), don’t have to… well you know tomorrow is Saturday and I just don’t have to think!!!  Yea!

See I am like a lot of people who get stuck in my head.  I believe I am the only one on this earth who thinks the things I think, do the dumb things I do, and say the extraordinary stupid things I say.  But, hey, I am only human right.  Wrong… wrong… Unfortunately (really fortunately but I’m just saying), I was bought with a price a mighty long time ago by Jesus to give to God.  So now I am God’s child and I am held to a higher standard.

See, God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.  And, God created me in his image to be married to my husband who is also made in his image so that together we can mirror the image of God.  Isn’t it great that God is so unique, so huge, so God that he needed two distinctly different humans to showcase who He is in a mirror image?

See, I was looking into the mirror the other day, trying to avoid seeing the changes age is bringing, and noticed that me alone by myself does not complete the picture of God.  You see, I need that beautiful, handsome, sexy man that is my husband standing next to me to show the full picture of God.  I am the naturally emotional and sensitive side of God while my husband is the strong straight-forward visionary side.

See, two people put together by God can not both cry when the milk is spilt or the baby won’t sleep.  But, two people who have different aspects of the Creator God in them can support one another and move the family forward without breaking down over the red light that slowed the journey.   They complement and encourage one another and as they do this they show the world the power of God.

See, knowing that God is perfect in all things, He created me to do all of this thinking, and gave me a husband to balance me so I can come out of my head, just makes me want to say THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!

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