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(eHow) Three or four times a year for three weeks at a time, we often notice that our computers glitch more than usual, our fax machines jam, messages and car keys are lost, and we wonder what is going on here? It is not unusual to run into someone who says, “Oh, Mercury must be retrograde.”


  1. The planet Mercury rules communication,education, contracts, short trips (which includes automobiles and travel schedules), early childhood, siblings, cousins, and neighbors. When Mercury goes retrograde, the planet appears to be going backwards letting us retrace our steps to redo a lesson important for our personal growth.
  2. Many people view a Mercury retrograde as a nuisance, like a gnat that won’t stop buzzing around our heads, but a Mercury retrograde is a wonderful opportunity to redo, redecorate, reorganize, research, read, reunite, reconnect, and restore. Anything with a “re” in it is encouraged. Reunions are wonderful events even if you have to travel to get there.
  3. What to avoid during a Mercury retrograde is anything NEW. It is not a good idea to sign a contract, buy a new house, start a new relationship (unless it is with someone you used to know), open a new business, purchase a new car, or make travel plans. These events are often met with delays or frustrations with houses falling out of escrow, mechanical difficulties with your new Mercedes, or cancelling your trip altogether. Remember that this does not have to be the case for everyone, but as a matter of precaution, it is good to have all the information handy, especially if you don’t like doing things twice.
  4. Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time to tie up loose ends, learn a life lesson, clean the garage, research a project, or reconnect with old friends. Though it is not a good time to purchase new telephones or computers, it is often at that exact time, that the old ones break down forcing us to incur a cost we didn’t expect.
  5. During Mercury retrograde, take some time to Relax, Restore, Revitalize, and Reassess where you are in your life and where you are going. Just don’t forget where you put your keys!

Sending revitalizing vibes toward good karma – Robin

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