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Anyone who has the will to change can carve out time for retreat.

Here are some reasons why you may need to take time for a retreat:

1. – Have you lost a relationship in the past year or two?

Has a spouse died, a friend moved away, a child left home? Have you been alienated from someone close? Has a pet died or a child gotten married?

2. – Has your home scene changed?

Has a spouse retired or been laid off and is he now home all the time? Was someone ill that needed your care? Did you move, remodel, or get remarried?

3. – Have your experienced personal change?

An illness, success or failure, a diet or new exercise regime, a sleep disturbance or financial problem?

Keep the focus on you and the goal on time out, but enjoy others for support and, of course, the joy that comes from companionship and discovering new experiences.

The value of retreat can help you make a new creation out of the old self.

You cannot make other people give to you, but you can make sure you spend as much time on yourself as you do on other people.

Check out this video, discussion on the dynamics of spiritual evolution during Yiser Ra Hotep‘s Holistic Journey to Egypt.

If planning a retreat seems like a good idea to you check out Autumn Equinox Weekend Getaway in California.

For a mini-retreat enjoy this Yoga Flava Video Snack “Guided Relaxation”

Prepare a home retreat to detoxify and cleanse for Autumn 2010.


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