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Excerpts from EverydayHealth.com

The truth is that it takes some work to keep relationships healthy. Most people find that the work is well worth the effort when their relationship is still going strong decades after it began.

Here are 4  simple strategies can help couples strengthen their romantic relationships, no matter what obstacles they face together:

1. Maintain the Right Ratio – make sure the positives in the relationship outweigh the negatives by at least a 5:1 ratio.  Therefore focus and speak on the positive more than the negative.

2. Striking a Balance – Each partner in a couple can enjoy time together and time apart from the other. In a healthy romance, you do not expect to get all of your needs met by your partner in some idealized or unrealistic way.

3. Handling Arguments – manage hurt and anger, so it is neither withheld nor vented on your partner. Use awareness of hurt and anger to express more directly and constructively your needs and concerns.

4. Keeping the Romance Real – The other critical component of a healthy relationship is to make physical contact and intimacy a priority. Here again, you have to actively work at this part of your relationship to keep it fresh and vital through the years. And this aspect of the relationship doesn’t always have to be about sex.  Cuddling is cool.

Ultimately, a healthy, long-lasting relationship is a partnership. (Read More)

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