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The San Diego County has backed down from shutting down a home Bible study after receiving a flood of complaints from people concerned that the county is attempting to “muzzle religious expression.”

“No one respects the right to free religious expression more than I do, and no one would find the infringement of such rights more abhorrent,” said county Chief Administrative Officer Walt Ekard said in a statement Friday.

Ekard said dozens of e-mail and calls have come in to his office as media reports revealed that a county employee told a local couple they could not hold their weekly Bible study without a permit.

The employee labeled their Bible study a “religious assembly.”

In a warning letter, Pastor David Jones and his wife, Mary, were ordered to “cease/stop religious assembly on parcel or obtain major use permit.”

The Joneses, along with dozens of others, argue that their right to hold Bible studies is protected by the U.S. Constitution.

While many saw the county’s attempt as an infringement upon their right to assemble peaceably and privately in their home, CAO Ekard stressed that the county “has never tried to stifle religious expression and never will.”

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