Connect With Your Life Force Crown Energy Center

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    Crown Energy Center (Chakra)

    Crown Energy Center (Chakra)

    The Crown Energy Center (Chakra) is associated with the color violet or white. We use the seventh chakra as a tool to communicate with our spiritual nature. It is through this vortice that the life force is dispersed from the universe into the lower 6 chakras. It has been referred to as our “GOD SOURCE” – but this terminology might be confusing to anyone who equates God with religious dogma, because of this I choose to call it a spiritual connection or communicator. This chakra is often pictured as a lotus flower opening to allow spiritual awakening in an individual. The crown chakra could also be considered the well intuitive knowing is drawn from.

    Chakra Seven – Associations

    • Color – violet, white
    • Physical Location – top of head
    • Purposes – intuitive knowing, connection to one’s spirituality, integration of the whole
    • Spiritual Lesson – spirituality, living in the NOW
    • Physical Disfunctions– mystical depression, diseases of the muscular system, skeletal system and the skin, chronic exhaustion not associated with physical ailments, sensitivity to light, sound, environment
    • Mental and Emotional Issues – discovery of the divine, lack of purpose, loss of meaning or identity, trust, selflessness, humanitarianism, ability to see the bigger picture in the life stream, devotion, inspiration, values, ethics
    • Information Stored Inside Crown Chakra – duality, magnetism, controlling patterns, emotional feelings (joy, anger, fear)
    • Area of Body Governed – top center of the head, midline above the ears

    Exercise your crown energy center with prayer and meditation

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