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I turned 40 in January.  I never thought I would be “40.”  It sounds so…well…40ish.  I guess as long as I don’t feel forty; I can keep doing it like I’ve always known how to do it, right?  LOL!

Forty is such a huge milestone.  There are so much symbolism in the Bible that I must refrain from the itemizing – yes, there is that much.  I have read posts on Facebook claiming that 40 is the new 30.  I have heard Oprah say that 40 is when you really get started.  So…why was the only question I could ask myself when that day arrived for me, “What have I accomplished?”  I can look back onto my cache of inventions, unfinished books of poetry, hand-painted t shirts and other apparel items, greeting cards, you name it.  But at the end of the day, I couldn’t quite put my finger on my “thing.”  You know…that “thing” that helps you put your mark on the world and ultimately produces fruit so that you can help advance the kingdom of God in a practical way.  The only thing that I could emphatically say is, “I put up.”  I mean, I believed God when He told me that He had blessed the works of my hands.  And like Jacob, I wasn’t willing to let Him go until He blessed me.  I’m still holding on.

See…the Bible says, “…faith without works is dead,” James 2:20.  So…although I didn’t have the manifestation of the monetary fruit to show for my efforts, I didn’t just “believe” God…I moved.  I “put up.”  I put up and I put in hours and hours of intense labor operating under the auspice of God’s promises: He gave me the power to get wealth, He blessed my hands to produce and that He would provide favor by turning the hearts of kings.  So everything that He said do, I have done.  I put up.  I sowed; which gives me some leverage to ask Him, “When Lord.”  It would be “nervey” of me (although still within my right, but “nervey” nonetheless) to ask Him anything, if all I have done is to ask Him for the blessing and then stand in wait.  This relationship, Christian lifestyle, is about being proactive.  It’s about putting up/in the hard labor and waiting for the harvest to germinate.

Faith without works is dead y’all.  It’s time to put up or shut up.  Prayer has feet.  Move.  That’s what I made sure to do when I turned 40…I moved.

What have you been “praying” about and have yet to “move” toward?

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