Connect To Your Heart Energy Center: Love And Compassion

The heart energy center ((anahata chakra) is located in the center of the chest. It’s associated with the color green. The foundation of the heart chakra is the connection between the physical and the spiritual body. A strong heart chakra creates balance, harmony and trust in the process of life. This chakra is connected to the sense of touch. The heart chakra encourages the flow of emotional energy.

When Energy is Low

Blocked chakras can present a number of physical and emotional signs and symptoms. A blockage in this chakra can cause negative feelings and general unhappiness. Here are some signs that the heart chakra is low on energy:

Increasing Energy to the Heart Chakra

Many essential oils are associated with the heart chakra. Some of these include cedarwood, eucalyptus, and pine. The healing qualities of these oils include being balancing, harmonizing, soothing and cleansing. A few drops of one or more of these oils may be added to a warm bath allowing them to be absorbed through the skin. Adding a little epsom salts to the bath can aid in it’s detoxifying effects as well.

Music is known for it’s soothing effects on the mind. Since the heart chakra is associated with balance and compassion, choose music that includes the sounds of nature, including animals and wind. Spending time outside taking nature hikes and gardening are also encouraged for increasing energies in the heart chakra. Other ideas include spending time with family and friends, reading romantic novels and taking self-love courses.

The use of flower essences is also a gentle and effective way of increasing energies. Those associated with exciting the heart chakra are chicory, holly, wild rose and beech. The positive qualities in these essences include respect for the rights of others ideals, love and forgiveness, joy and acceptance. A few drops of flower essences can be mixed with distilled water. This personal mixture may be absorbed into the body by placing four to five drops under the tongue.

Gemstones can also be used in balancing the heart chakra. By placing a stone on the heart chakra during meditation, the healing energies will be absorbed by the energy center and release any blockages. Gemstones that are associated with the heart chakra include emerald, jade and peridot.

A balanced heart chakra will encourage both a healthy mind and body. An awareness that spiritual wealth is greater than physical wealth is nurtured. A sense of peace, love and harmony will be felt and life can be enjoyed with a renewed anticipation.

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