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I decided to continue my discussion dealing with the importance of having a Natural Health Care Practitioner. This interview is with Mr. Reggie Smith. Reggie is actually a Holistic Health Practitioner. I will let Reggie explain the difference. I will tell you this, Reggie has seen it all. Everything he discusses during this interview he lived it first hand. Reggie touches on everything from fighting HIV to cleansing the mind with meditation. Once again, we  discuss chronic disease and once again you are given solutions. In this interview Reggie takes it to another level. He provides you with very specific ways to help fight off chronic disease and get started today. Stress is the foundation of many health issues. Controlling the mind is the key to reducing stress and Reggie will provide key pointers on how to drastically reduce the stress in your life. This interview covers all aspects of health and wellness and provides you with a game plan on how to take control of your health. Reggie is an inspiration to us all. He approaches life as we all should, thankfully and one day at a time. Enjoy the video and take action.

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