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I hope you already started to feel better, just by reading the headline and looking at the adorable baby smiling. :-)

I woke up this morning with a headache. I drank some water, had a good breakfast, took my vitamins, did a little meditation and still felt there could be one more thing that could help me.   I Googled “Cure’s For Headache” and amongst the list of things that stood out was to “Smile”  I tried it and to my delight it worked!

The following is an excerpt from WikiHow “Cure For Headache – Tips”: Smiling can work wonders if it’s just a minor headache.  Smiling releases endorphins within the brain as it works on a positive feedback loop – the more you smile, the more “feel-good” chemicals the brain releases, and the more these chemicals it releases, the more you smile! Endorphins will help to relieve the pain.

“Smile” was also Michael Jackson’s favorite song. I found the following clip of him singing it in a casual upbeat way and I can see how it inspired him to be in a happy mood.

Sending you a smile, Robin Downes

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