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A more open mindset allows us to evaluate and adjust to the different jobs, roles and responsibilities we have each day. Sometimes it works to be more rigid, to follow specific rules; sometimes it’s better to be more open and loose.

Here are 5 tips to do it:

1. Change the context. Take a mental vacation.  Take a walk around the block. Take a coffee break. Change the context or your environment and you’ll feel your mind shift. Exercise offers another great mental boost.

2. Try something new. Learn to dance, pick up a new language or cook a new recipe. Mental flexibility is aided by novelty, and that contributes to brain growth and development throughout a lifetime.

3. Question your thoughts and words. Become aware of what you’re thinking and saying. Don’t attach to or lock into one way of thinking. Also, notice your language. Dispute those thoughts and words that don’t serve you. Then, substitute them with more productive ideas and phases.

4. Plan to be spontaneous. Change up your regular routine.  Take an evening walk, occasionally venture along a new route. Once in a while alter the order of your day.

5. Mix up the way you think. Innovative and creative ideas often arise after periods of both focused thought and diffuse attention. So, allow time to concentrate on projects or challenges both in a deliberate manner and in an unfocused way while you’re doing something else.

These tips will not only help your brain to open up, leaving you feeling more resilient and creative, but you’ll also be on track toward your loftiest goals.

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