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Summer is for the children to play in water, laugh and sing. Summer time is for the children within us to do the same thing. Affirm that your inner child is free and open to explore that part of me that loves to play and have fun!

Remember what it was like to be kid, running around without a care in the world? Well, stop remembering and start embracing your inner child! Here are some ideas for reconnecting with the trusting, fun-loving and perceptive part of you that may just have disappeared under piles of hard work and life’s trials.

Retry the things you loved doing as a kid. Such things include going to the playground, the toy aisle or a cartoon movie session.

Stop obsessing over the small things. Kids are carefree! Let go of worries and see if the world around you tumbles. You’ll be surprised that it doesn’t. And maybe you’ll regain some clarity and perspective.

Kids are able to feel something intensely and then move on quickly from it. Try it. Feel what you feel without judging the feeling (“I shouldn’t feel this way”) so that you can move on from that feeling without holding onto it. It works!

If you have kids, do the stuff they like to do. Swing with them or trick-or-treat with them. Look at the world through their eyes. Build castles and mud highways with them. Get dirty, blow bubbles, toss balls over the neighbor’s fence and fetch them back sheepishly. Jump rope and eat snack-sized puddings.

Stop obsessing over calories. Have a lollipop. Have a chocolate fudge coated something that looks so fattening it just screams “eat me”. Run around madly afterwards as a kid would do and you’ll soon burn off those calories!

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