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Today and throughout the weekend, many tributes will be seen and heard across the world in honor of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  Today marks one year since the news of his senseless death rocked the world. As we continue to celebrate Jackson’s life through his music, we can not forget about how his death came to be.  Our beloved music man had an addiction to prescription pills.   Pill addicts are often hard to identify.  How can you tell when taking prescription pills becomes an addiction?  When is it appropriate to intervene with a loved one or  get help for yourself?  Would you have the control to only use the leftover pills in a bottle when you really need it?  Could you stop and throw the pills away?  Millions of people don’t.  The Drug Enforcement Agency reported that  Americans abuse prescription pills more than cocaine, heroine and ecstasy combined.

Through the years, we have mourned loved ones, celebrities and other people who have fallen victim to prescription drug overdose, whether accidentally or intentionally.   Addiction to prescription drugs doesn’t bedevil a certain color, gender or creed.  It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, famous or educated. Surprisingly, this type of addiction isn’t much talked about in the African-American community.  However, our community has experienced high-profile celebrity deaths from prescription drug abuse. Check the gallery below and you might be surprised.

As we celebrate Michael Jackson’s life and music, there are still rumblings about his alleged murder.  We’ve seen various interviews with his family and friends acknowledging that he had a problem, but how no one really was able to intervene.  It’s too late to help Michael Jackson, but maybe you can help someone close to you get through their addiction.  Why wait another minute?