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Do you know your status?  This Sunday, June 27th is National HIV Testing Day across the country.  Several local community organizations, churches, AIDS service providers and local health departments have joined forces with the National Association of People with AIDS (NAPA), Centers of Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) and AIDS.gov  to host and promote this year’s event.   This year’s theme  is “Take the test, Take Control.” Launched in 1995, NAPA’s mission is to emphasize the importance of people getting tested and becoming knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS.   Over one million people are living with HIV/AIDS in the United States.  However, there are many people unaware that they have the infection and have never been tested.  The CDC recommends that people between the ages of 13-64 should be tested at least once in their lives.  Individuals who are considered high risk ( bi-sexual and gay men, people with multiple sexual partners  and injection drug users) should  be tested more frequently.   Pregnant women should get tested early in their pregnancy to prevent transmission of HIV to their baby.  By stepping up and getting tested, you are taking control of your life and being responsible for you and your partner’s health.

National HIV Testing Day was created to make people aware of the rising numbers of infected people in communities of color (African-American and Latino) and other impacted communities.  The National Association of People with AIDS was one of the first organizations to promote that people at risk should seek voluntarily HIV testing and counseling.  The organization is comprised of members and staff who are living with HIV/AIDS. They believe and advocate the significance of knowing your status and why it  is essential when making decisions about your life.

Make time this Sunday to get tested.  This is your opportunity to take control and be responsible.  Your life depends on it.  See you on Sunday for National HIV Testing Day at a location near you.

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