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Trust and dependence can be incredible challenges, especially for women. There is an extreme vulnerability in femininity, a vulnerability that is often exploited in our fallen world. How many women have been hurt by rape, incest, pornography, contraception, abortion, infidelity, abandonment, divorce and physical or emotional abuse? The understandable desire to avoid hurts can end up making us unwilling to rely on love “that seems to be untrustworthy”. It can end up with us never having a real emotional catharsis and when that happens often the greatest art is birthed from that reaction. A few weeks ago I had a heart to heart with Ms Juanita Bynum II and she discussed with me the physical creation of her new single Soul Cry.

She took the time to discuss what that the lack of receptivity to go through the pain wounds our femininity at its core. It hardens a heart which was made to receive love in order to give it in return. This unattractive hardening of the heart can result in unwillingness to surrender or a desire to stay in control, which turns life into a stiff, stilted dance that isn’t any fun.  It can result in shutting off our natural instincts and emotions.

In the next installment she talks about what happened on the day  her world came apart.

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