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It was bought to my attention, in my last “Affirmation: Blog” and I agree that:

“Affirmations are good, but if you have limited deep believes, that you can not have your you dreams.  Then your dreams will not manifest.  Then the affirmations of not getting your dreams set in and your dreams do not manifest in your life.   The universe always say Yes to you,  your deepest believes.  You must clear out thoughts of limited believes.  You can not affirm one thing and believe another.   Meditation is so important,  it helps to clear out your limited beliefs.” – Earl Johnson Jr.

Thank you, Mr. Johnson, I do believe that we must believe in ourselves and continue to build our self-esteem.

With the theme of “Self” in mind, I would like to share the following from Iyanla Vanzant:


There is nothing in the world more powerful than the spirit.

The spirit is our true Self.

It knows exactly what we must learn to do in life, how we will learn to do it and whether or not we are willing to pay attention to what the Self is teaching us.

Our real Self is whole and complete.  Wise and just. Unlimited and ever present.

When we tap into the power, knowledge and wisdom of Self we can fulfill our purpose in life with grace and ease.

When we give up our Self to the demands and expectations of others, we become confused , lost and broken in spirit.

Our job in life, when we choose to accept it, is to allow the spirit within us to be the Self that becomes a gift to the world.

Sending positive vibes – Robin

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