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So…the last I checked, the Bible said that, “…it is God who gives us the power to get wealth that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.” Deuteronomy 8:18.  But what does that really mean?

Like Jay Z so eloquently said, “I got a hustler’s spirit.”  I have always been about the entrepreneurial journey.  Well… “Always” may be too definitive of a word, but at least the second half of my life has been spent reveling in this knowledge.  It is the only thing that has made sense for me since losing my job as a Social Worker many years ago.  What’s weird is I thought I would be on that job forever and pursing my dreams on the side.  I never knew that my dreams would be the catalysts by which I live.

The county had great benefits and the retirement was one that most of us looked forward to.  In order to take part in it, you had to be vested 5 years into your job.  I was very aware of this when I asked a college professor to help guarantee me one of the six positions by becoming an intern beforehand.  The problem with that mindset was; it stifled me.  It boxed me in to a mentality of complacency that could have choked the very life of creativity out of me that had recognizably been there since I was six years old.  Ironically (if you can call it that), two weeks after I said, “I do” in the fall of 1995, I was in a car accident that permanently disabled me from returning to my then known life.  Boohoo!  What was I to do?  I had to quickly understand who it was that I wanted to be and what it was that I had access to.  So, because I am a child of the King, I prayed.  All I kept hearing was, “You have the power Ingrid.  You have the power.”  At that time, I didn’t feel much like a superhero, but I had to believe that whatever it was that was going to bring about wealth in my life, I already possessed it.  Hmmm!  The only thing that made sense was that which was always deep within my soul.  I was a writer.  It took me a while to embrace it as truth, but once I spoke it, things began to happen.  Remember those seeds I talked about?  I began to sow wealth seeds into my own life and walk out the certainty of being in a position of power.  I began operating my businesses as if Fortune 500 and treating myself as I would employees and a CEO of a major corporation.  I was, for all intents and purposes, getting my hustle on, and it felt like I had tapped into something far greater than anything I had ever known.  I now know that the very authority that I have been given in my professional entrepreneurial career has the ability to impact the world in ways that I would have never even imaged.

Question: What have you been given the power to do and how will you use it to change your community?

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