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I challenge you today to do something for someone else.

So often we are so consumed with our own issues and drama that we forget to reach out and touch someone else. If it’s just for one moment, take your eyes off of yourself and your problems and take a moment to help someone with theirs. Surprisingly that moment will be worth more to you and be more beneficial than the 23 hours and 59 minutes remaining in your day.

God has you and he has your problems. Be the answer to someone else’s prayer. I believe what you make happen for others God will make that and more happen for you. Sow the love of Christ today and reap a harvest of love, peace and joy.

Oprah calls it paying it forward. I call it extending the love of Christ. Either way, help someone today. You will be glad that you did.

Much love,


Written by: Judi Mason for www.elev8.com

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