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Earlier this year,  The Stafford Foundation (TSF) launched an exciting effort to begin a national movement to motivate people to help others in need by “Doing Good.”  Comedian and educator Bill Cosby stood alongside Earl W. Stafford, TSF Chairman and CEO, to announce the launch of the “Doing Good” campaign to present a national public service announcement featuring Cosby promoting the initiative.

The Doing Good campaign focuses on results that include:

• Providing homeless men and women education and training along with job placements.

• Giving children nurturing environments to grow and learn.

• Ensuring bright young people from low-income families have resources to go to college.

• Offering senior citizens the means to reach their potential as positive forces in our communities.

• Bringing health and wellness programs to low-income neighborhoods.

• Making cultural enrichment with music and the arts available to all ages in underserved


With a new interactive website launched today at http://www.thestaffordfoundation.org, the Doing Good campaign will help people who want to do good find a way to do so by:

• Helping people discover how their time and talent can be used to do good in their own communities.

• Showing how their contributions will be used to do good.

• Connecting groups that can work together to have more impact.

• Supporting programs that directly provide support to those in need.

• Providing an easily accessible online platform to share Doing Good stories and create a community of Doing Good.

The Stafford Foundation, Inc. is a faith-based nonprofit organization founded in 2002and based in Reston, VA . The Stafford Foundation collaborates with and invests in capacity-building efforts that equip the underserved through programs that provide health, education, training and faith-based mission support.


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