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The recent death of Gary Coleman is becoming more scandalous each day.  How in the world could this pint-sized man perish at the age of 42?  The more details are revealed about his mysterious death, the more its important we understand exactly how this happened.  Gary Coleman’s death was the result of a brain hemorrhage.  A brain hemorrhage is a type of stroke.  It happens when bleeding into the brain kills brain cells.

There’s a few ways the bleeding can occur:

  • Inside the brain
  • Between the brain and the membranes that cover it
  • Between the layers of the brain’s covering
  • Between the skull and the covering of the brain

Symptoms for a brain hemorrhage can come on fast and include:

  • A sudden headache
  • Steadily increasing neurological losses such as weakness, inability to move, numbness, loss of speech or vision and confusion
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Loss of consciousness

Any type of brain injury is serious, however all injuries to the brain do not result in death.  Rocker Bret Michaels recently experienced a traumatic brain hemorrhage as well but is a living testimony.  How can a brain hemorrhage have different outcomes?  Experts say it all depends upon the type of hemorrhage, its size, what area of the brain is affected and the overall health of the victim.

Both an intra-cranial hemorrhage (which occurs inside the brain tissue) or a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage (which bleeds into the lining around the brain) have the potential to kill. Bleeds in certain areas of the brain (such as the ones that control heart rate and breathing) are much more likely to be fatal than, say, a hemorrhage into a region that controls speech or vision.

The official cause of death has not been declared for Gary Coleman  however, could he have survived?  Did his ex-wife pull the plug too soon?  Did he really tumbled and what really happened?  Today, a photo of Gary Coleman on his deathbed surfaced compliments of Shannon Price.  She was paid a fee for this morbid photo?  Why? Did she really need the money?  It’s sad, suspicious and unfortunate.  What are your thoughts?

R.I.P. Gary Coleman 1968-2010