Facebook, Twitter, myspace and LinkedIn are popular social media sites to network and reconnect with people.   Various stories and testimonies from individuals are heard directly or by word of mouth about how they have located a long-lost friend, loved one or even got a job.  If you can do that, why can’t you be able to kick your smoking habit?  Support groups for people who are interested in quitting smoking are steadily being created on these popular social media sites. Just like Alcohol Anonymous, support groups are a reinforcement for people who need that extra helping hand to “get over” a habit or loss.  The New York City Department of Public Health created a Facebook group to help smokers become ex-smokers.  Members have stated how the group has been a major support with helping them quit smoking.  Years ago there were very few options for smokers in need of moral support. Finding support groups and smoking cessation clinics were some of the few selections however, smokers and ex-smokers have feared with these limited options,  “going back” is enticing.  Thankfully, they have more avenues for support and can turn to websites dedicated for people who want to kick their habit.  The web enables quitters to access smoking-cessation tools anywhere, anytime and provides a platform for information, videos and personal testimonies.

Popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are increasing and gaining popularity.  The number of smokers on-line is growing.  In just one year, New York City based group, NYC Quits Smoking/I Quit Smoking has over 5,000 members and counting.  Twitter also has a smoking-cessation aid group called, Qwitter that is run by the state of Florida and has over 400 members.

The social media sites may be the new innovative method to help smokers “bond” and “support” with one another to quit.  Many other online resources are also available such as National Cancer’s Institute, and f0r-profit sites QuitNet and Each site offers an array of services to assist individuals step by step guides to quit smoking, expert advice and various tips and information to kick the habit.

Are you a smoker who wants to quit and in need of moral support?  Why don’t you give your favorite social media site a chance?  I bet you won’t regret it.  Good Luck!

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