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Being curvaceous can sometimes be a gift and a curse.  Ask Queens, NY resident, Debrahlee Lorenzana.  She is involved in a much-talked about lawsuit with her former employers, Citigroup. Her suit claims she was fired because she wore clothes that were deemed “distracting” for her male coworkers.   Lorenzana was ordered to stay away from wearing  turtlenecks, pencil skirts and fitted suits because clingy clothes were drawing too much attention in the workplace.   “I can’t help it that I have curves,” says Debrahlee.  The former Citibank business banking officer was eventually transferred to another location that put her out of view. After her sexual harassment complaints, Ms. Lorenzana was fired.  Citigroup released a statement saying the suit is without merit and declined to discuss the plantiff’s performance.

African-American and Latina women are known for their curves.  The majority of  women of color have embraced their bodies and are appreciated for every curve by men and women all over the world.  What’s wrong with curves?  Popular magazines such as King, Smooth, Straight Stuntin’ and Black Men’s Magazine were created to target individuals who appreciate, admire and love the curvy and bodacious women.  Is society saying, we like to look at your curves outside the office but working in the office place with all that body is not acceptable?  Is it a crime to have curves? Should you lose your job over it?  What are your thoughts?