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It is always important to return to the alignment to your Well Being.

Here are some processes to help you do that.

1. Write a list of all the things that connect you to your Well Being. You can

tailor this to things in the car for example my I-tunes, the radio, visualizing

the good, or even listing things that you can see that shows you the

abundance of the universe. Then when you are in a “jam”, you are already


2. Write a list of all the things that connect you to your Well Being that you can

do at home. It could be meditating, taking a bath, working out, cooking,

reading, or whatever it is that connects you to your Well Being. By doing

this activity you are already ALIGNING yourself to your Well Being.

3. Affirmation- Affirmations are powerful because it is a pure intentional

thought and it keeps you focused. It also helps “retrain” the brain. So today

your affirmation is, “I Align easily and effortlessly to my own Well

Being.” Say this affirmation as many times during the day. Put it on post-it

notes around the house to remind you. You can even set your phone to go

off 5 times a day to remind you. Remember to keep it fun!

21 Days To Manifesting by Christine Marie and Julie

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