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We all have stressful lives full of anger, anxiety and commotion. It is important to find a significant amount of time to relax and breath. Yet, it is the unfortunate reality that most of us do not have the luxury of meditating  for an hour every day, or spending time to do yoga.

So here are 7 easy steps to do every day to make sure we take the time and breath and thank the world for what we have…and the best part is, it only takes one minute!

So simply find a time during the day when you know you will be alone and fully available for just one minute.

1) Stop what you are doing

2) Take a DEEP breath

3) Thank the universe for any two things, one in your current life, the other in the past

4) Ask the universe for two material things – one related to today, and one related to the future

5) Ask the universe for two spiritual things – one for today, another for the future

6) Ask for two good things for mankind

7) Say thank you to yourself and to the universe for giving you everything that you have.

Written by Robin Downes for Elev8.com

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