Does Your Man Hear You When You Speak?

Part III of the Battle of the Sexes Series: A meeting of the mind

Several years ago, I thought about writing a book on How to Effectively Communicate with your Man. It seemed like every minister, talk show host, magazine etc. dealt with this particular issue. Of course I was very open to the topic, because at the time, I was having a very hard time effectively communicating with the man in my life. We were literally speaking two different languages and neither one of us felt the need to take the time to attempt to learn the other persons communication style. In order to move forward in the relationship, we decided to work on the way we communicated by acknowledging the problems in our individual communication skills

Below are 12 tidbits that I learned during my time of communication discovery. These tidbits come from various places, church messages, talk shows, magazine articles and of course my own personal experience.  I don’t believe that all men are the same. But I do believe that they possess similar foundational characteristics that aid in the application of these tidbits.

Personally, I believe that majority of these skills could be used with a man or a woman. By no means do I claim to be a communications expert, but I have lived on both sides of the communication spectrum and there is nothing better than the effective communication side. I hope these help.

12 Ways to effectively communicate with your man:

I was once told by a man that a woman has the power to teach a man how to treat her. Through her actions, she basically leaves a cookie crumb trail for him to follow. Take the time to teach your man how to love you by loving him. I believe if you sow love, you will reap love in return.

Next week, it’s the ladies turn. I hope these tidbits will help in all of your relationships.

Have a great week.

May God bless you!


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