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Have you ever eaten a bitter almond (before it was processed), or bit into a cherry pip, or a heap of apple seeds?  If you had, chance are you wouldn’t be sitting here reading this blog.  All of those fruits seeds are laced with cyanide and are extremely harmful – if not deadly to animals and humans.  I used to always hear people say, “Don’t swallow the seeds,” but I never knew why.  I used to think I would turn into that piece of fruit if I did.  Truth be told, the danger isn’t in the swallowing, it is in the biting.  When I told my mother of this new discovery, she said, “That’s weird, we can eat the fruit but not the seed and the fruit comes from the seed?”  It is most interesting.  I think what’s more fascinating is the refining/maturing process that the seeds must endure before they actually become the decadent fruit that we are later to consume.

“But…I love apples,” you would say. “I know she’s not about to tell me that I can’t eat apples.”  “I can’t wait to find a dark batch of cherry’s to freeze and then eat,” others might contend desperately.  “And almonds…you want me to give up my Hershey?”

The Bible says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21.   By no means am I getting ready to tell you not to make that apple pie or indulge in your chocolate fetish. But just like we coddle in the fruit of almonds, apples and cherries, we also become one with the words that come forth from our mouths.  They become the fruit upon which we sup.  Imagine what would happen if those fruit seeds actually produced a poisonous eatable.  We wouldn’t stand a chance.  Imagine what would happen if we were able to refine our words before they spewed forth from our lips.  Unfortunately we can’t – and with the same misfortune, we are unable to take back the words that seep through and eventually land onto a human target.  See…the natural and spiritual laws are one in the same when it comes to sowing and reaping.  Once you sow a seed, whether in the ground or into someone’s psyche, it will bring forth a harvest – fruit – for both the sower and the recipient.

Remember the old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?”  That is so far from the truth. We have the power to kill or enhance, destroy or edify, wreak havoc or bless – all with the oracles that we speak.  If we simply considered the words (seeds) before they come forth out of our mouths (fruit), imagine the amount of edification that would bring to the recipient.  So…those who love using their mouths to speak death (i.e., gossiping, cursing people out, etc…) or life (i.e., encouraging others, remaining optimistic, etc…), your rewards are in your words.  Congratulations!!

Question:  What oratory seeds have you sown that you wish you could uproot?

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