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Spiritual Intelligence is the intelligence that makes us whole, that gives us our integrity. It is the soul’s intelligence, the intelligence of the deep self. It is the intelligence with which we ask fundamental questions and with which we frame our answers.

This intelligence consists of 4 core characteristics:

1) Transcendence. This means living beyond the ordinary range of perception. It is about being above and independent of the material universe.

2) Heightened Consciousness. It is being fully aware of your surroundings and others. It is to be fully present in what is taking place.

3) Endowing everyday activities with the sense of the sacred. No act is mundane, every action must have meaning and significance.

4) Engaging in virtuous behaviors. Always have forgiveness, gratitude, humility, compassion, and wisdom.

Written by Robin Downes’ Yoga Flava for Elev8.com

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