Can you rel8 to this?

In the Song of Solomon, there is a conversation between the Shulamite and her Beloved.  At one point in their conversation, the Shulamite says to her girlfriends:

“I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem,

By the gazelles or by the does of the field,

Do not stir up nor awaken love

Until it pleases.”

Song of Solomon 2:7

Whenever you have sex with someone, you leave a piece of you with them.  It’s crazy to think that so much of us may be scattered across the globe.  How do you gather the pieces once you’ve decided to settle down and marry?  Does the fragmentation affect your intimacy?  Hmmm…

I remember there was a ministry at our church called, “Inner Healing.”  It was a time when the facilitator would help you dig into the depth of your soul to draw out all of the hurt and pain that you may have once suffered.  Often times, it was a matter of getting in touch with the little girl/boy who was wounded so long ago and understanding who and what hurt them.  Along the process, it became clear (for those that had been sexually active and unmarried) that there were “soul ties” that had been established with the many sexual partners that they encountered.  In order to move forward in life with clarity and wholeness, the essence of inner healing was to break the soul ties and renounce the damaging impact that it may have had on your life.  What a powerful ministry.

I don’t think people really consider the long term damage that multiple sex partners has on who you are the ability to make sound decisions.  If you think about a broken piece of glass, there is only but so much that you can do to sweep up the shards clean enough to bring closure to the fractured pottery.  There is always something missing.

I guess it is best to strive toward living in the way of Song of Solomon by not stirring up or awakening love until it pleases.  Even if you have been sexually active, waiting seems to best way to receive your reward.  God help us!!

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