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Thomas Moore wrote a book Called Care of the Soul where it explains how ones work is the most important thing in life. It is what gives people a place to develop and search and it is a lifelong process. A job is not merely work and a salary but it is what gives you purpose and meaning. Moore’s book talks about finding the spirit and soul of what you do.

1) One of the most important steps to a meaningful practice is to find your calling. It may not be your destiny or fate, and you may not know it right away; but you must find your sense of direction. You must listen to the voice within and follow that calling with full force.

2) The next step is to  acquire the ability and the willingness to change. Many people fear change, especially when it comes to their careers. People fear that a change in job, will essentially mean a change in who you are. You must be rid of that fear and allow yourself to be flexible.

3) Breath with your soul. This is an essential part to finding meaning in your life and in your work. The soul breathes with the rhythm of life. Through happiness and sadness, failures and success, the soul comes alive. But when one gets stuck in life, when someone finds themselves in a rut, lost in one routine, the soul becomes limited and shrinks away. We must never ever limit ourselves to one routine, to one way of living. We must run and dance and be spontaneous and let the soul breath.

4) Lastly, we must learn to love our work. The ancient Greeks believed that there was a deep connection between the soul, and love. When one has a soul at work, one can love work. A lot of the anger or frustration  that people feel at work comes from a lack of love. This does not mean that everyone must be extremely passionate about what they are doing. Rather this love can be small, and subtle. It can be a feeling at work that what you are doing has value and what you accomplished was a success. The only time you can truly feel your spirit and soul present at work is when you learn to love your work.

Written by Robin Downes for Elev8.com

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