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The homecoming services for Civil Rights Leader and Phenomenal Woman, Dr. Dorothy Irene Height was a great honor to watch. TV One was one of the outlets who lead the trail of broadcasting this monumental program which featured outstanding tributes from Dr. Camille Cosby, Former Secretary of Labor, Alexis Herman, Bebe Winans, Denyce Graves and President Barack Obama.  Throughout the service, each speaker shared their personal stories with Dr. Height and talked about her vibrant personality.  They also spoke about her strong will for life and purpose.  She lived a purpose driven life and left a legacy for people of all races to admire and respect.  President Obama shared a touching reflection of Dr. Height’s resilience and continued strength till her final curtain call on April 20th.   Her vigor was present and motivating for people of all ages.  98 years of living and learning is a wonderful testimony of how Dr. Height lived life like its golden. 

Here are some tips from notable women who have lived an abundant life.

Dr. Dorothy Height-(social activist, educator)

      “Never Stop Learning”- She told this to Dr. Camille Cosby at the age of 92 when asked what her key to life is.

The Delany Sisters (Sarah and Elizabeth)– (educator, dentist respectively and authors of “Having Our Say”)

In an article for Ebony Magazine in 1997, Sarah at the glorious age of 107was asked how she has lived past 100, she stated, “Honey we never married; we never had husbands to worry us too death, she said.  “Don’t get married just because he looks pretty. He’s got to have good genes and have some sense.”

Gertrude Baines– (world oldest person to live in the U.S died at 115 in 2009)

During an interviewed with the Los Angeles Times, when asked what she credited her longevity to, Baines answered: “God. Ask Him… I took good care of myself, the way He wanted me to.”

Other Simple Steps for a Long Abundant Life:

Sleep– 7 to 8 hours each day

Eat Right– lean meats, vegetables, fruits

Drink plenty of water– Eight glasses of water each day

Exercise– 30 to 60 minutes three to four times a week.

Drink Green Tea– A favorite of Dr. Oz


Staying Positive