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Yoga can be an all purpose body workout, including a  great way to get a tight booty. In this post with the attached Yoga Flava TV Snack,  you will learn how to do the “Downward Facing Dog” (Adho Mukha Svanasana), which is a beginner exercise you can try at home to help with your targeted bottom workout.  ” Here is how we do it:

Start in a standing position and kneel to the floor. Next, place your hands on the floor to where they are directly under your shoulders (meanwhile your knees should be under your waist). This is the beginning position.

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From there, shift your weight to your feet and hands then lift your butt into the air. Yeah it is really that easy. If you did this right your body should look like an upside down “V,” with your butt sticking in the air. If you can, try to keep your feet flat to the floor with your legs and arms relatively straight.  Proper form will come with practice. It is also good to concentrate on keeping your back straight. Again, this may be difficult for beginners.

When starting out you need only hold the pose as long as you can. Ideally, you will want to hold this pose anywhere from thirty to sixty seconds. Advanced yoga practitioners often maintain this position for as long as five minutes. Increase the number of your repetitions or the length of your repetitions as your body gets stronger.

Downward facing dog is proven to help you get the type of firm booty that many “yoga hotties” enjoy. However, the best thing about this asana, as with many other positions, is it does not just exercise your butt. The downward facing dog helps tone your arms, back, hips, and legs to give you that healthy sexy look no matter what you wear.

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Here’s a taste of this week’s Yoga Flava TV Snack, “Downward Facing Dog”, and check in weekly for new episodes:

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