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In a  fast paced city it is important to find an outlet to release stress, to get away from the noise and commotion. Nature is gods gift to man. It is the purest beauty in the world, and yet the benefits of surrounding yourself with trees is taken for granted. There is no better way to focus your mind than to immerse yourself with the wonders of nature.

In a city where nature is scarce it is vital for every individual to seek out as much green as they can find. There has been a study done by The Children’s Nature Institute that shows that children who participate in environmental education programs do better on standardized tests in math, reading, writing, and social studies. The same study also showed that children with Attention Deficit Disorder show less symptoms after playing in natural areas.

The environments we put ourselves in have a large impact on the way our brain functions on a daily basis. The Boston Globe wrote an article that talks about the way city life can damage your brain. Living in a city can impair basic mental process, such as, memory, self control, and emotional control. There was also a study that demonstrated that there was much less domestic violence in natural settings because a tired brain, run down by city life, is more likely to lose its temper. Another study showed that patients in hospitals who were able to see trees from their windows recovered quicker, because they have a break from the stresses of the city.

In Michigan a study was conducted where  some students walked around in the city and some walked through a forest. The students that walked through the city were in worse moods and scored significantly lower on a series of tests. It is clear that surrounding yourself with as much nature as you can is important not only to reduce stress, but also to nourish your brain.

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