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Joy is an important attitude that will increase your spirit of well being.  Share your joy.

I want to distinguish here between happiness and joy.  I consider happiness to mean a good mood, basically feeling good usually in relation to pleasant conditions whether within or without. Happiness from this perspective is a temporary surface mind state.

 Joy on the other hand is much deeper than happiness, it is a blissful state that emanates from the core of our being (our spirit) , a reflection of our true nature. Joy is not dependent on conditions because it emerges from a place beyond conditions or the details of our life situation. Therefore joy is always accessible even when happiness is not. It is a profound sense of empowerment, calm and ok-ness even in the midst of chaos and turmoil.

I am moving my household  this week and it could be considered a time of choas and turmoil, however, I am seeking the joy of the experience. Here is my list:

* The joy of  reviewing my history.

* The joy of donating things I no longer need to a charity.

* The joy of selling things I no longer need to get money.

*  The joy of clearing clutter.

* The joy of creating a new life in a new space.

Think of at least five ways you might increase joy in your life.  Please share them in the comment section below to help bring  joy to the world.

Elev8 your spirit.

Written by Robin Downes’ Yoga Flava  for Elev8.com

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