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Hypertension affects millions of people but African-Americans are touched in a unique way.  African- Americans develop high blood pressure at younger ages than other groups in the United States.  Exercise is one of the most important aids to lower hypertension.  It also assists with weight loss in addition to a balanced diet.   Applying a consistent routine on a daily basis can make a difference.  No matter how high or low the intensity, exercise is necessary for your health. Using idle time to become hyper is an excellent way to discover new activities or completing tasks on your to-do lists.  Being hyper can serve as a dual incentive for getting household chores completed and burning calories. Handling chores such as sweeping, moping and taking out the trash can evoke hyper activity that will jolt your body.

Ways to add or increase hyper activity into your lifestyle can include:




Low Impact Aerobics


As the seasons change from cooler to warmer climate, take advantage of the outdoors. Many parks and green pastures offer a variety of individual and group activities.  This can turn on your energetic self and turbo boost you away from a lethargic lifestyle.  There are several cost effective options to boost up your body to become hyper. It’s essential to make use of every opportunity to advance ways to avoid hypertension.  Becoming hyper doesn’t require much, just getting focused and motivated to produce the benefits for a better you. Make the commitment to a simple forty-five to sixty minutes a day regimen. The decision can result to a new healthier look and assist with avoiding or lowering hypertension.

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