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If you have asthma you should not smoke. It is bad for your health and puts you at risk for problems with your lungs not working as well as they should. Smoking harms almost every organ in your body.

Smoking with asthma only increases the chances for flares up and problems with breathing. Airways become narrow, swollen and filled with sticky mucus which causes wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. It can worsen existing breathing problems, cause damage to your lungs and lead to long-term breathing problems.

Even being around smoke is not wise for someone with asthma, it could trigger an attack. There are a few disturbing facts for people with asthma and inhaling second hand smoke. Second hand smoke is a well-known asthma trigger. This is a combination of smoke from a burning cigarette or cigar and smoke is inhaled by a smoker. Inhaling second hand smoke is more harmful because the smoke that burns off the end of a cigar and cigarette contains more harmful substances than the smoke inhaler by the smoker. The smoke causes your lungs to build more mucus to build up in your airways to trigger an asthma attack. An even more increased risk of inhaling second hand smoke is for children with asthma.  Their lungs are smaller and the side effects are faster and can affect lung function as they grow. Children who have parents who smoke can also get lung and sinus infections. This could make a young child’s asthma symptoms worse and more difficult to control.

Smoking and Asthma is not a good combination. The next time you want to light up, think about it…It’s not worth it.

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