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Network marketing is one of the oldest professions to date but the problem is most people don’t see it that way.  Network marketing is the best way to get ahead financially and if you have a family, you can have the best of both worlds.  When it comes to working at home, it takes discipline because it is easy to get side tracked and distracted.  You have to set your hours and work as if you were leaving to go to the office.  You have to manage your schedule so you stay on task.  Most people make this mistake and don’t even realize it.  To be successful in network marketing, you need a plan of action.

  • The first step is to write your why and your goals:

Your why is the driving force of why you get up every morning.  It is your why that will get you through the difficult times of hearing no or even disappointments and discouragement that you will face in the industry.

  • The second step is to team up with a great mentor:

A mentor is someone you see who has achieved the level of success you want for your own company.  Be accountable to them and give them permission to hold you accountable to your goals.  It is easy to skate through when no one is watching and nothing is written down.  Be specific and expect to reach your goals.

  • The third step is to believe in yourself and get into action mode:

Act on your plan and know what you have to do everyday to achieve your goals.  Belief in your products and services will help you reach this step even greater.  You have to have a “no matter what” attitude.  Your no’s are your path to your next yes.  Just know that it is a process of elimination.

You may have to set some things aside for a temporary period, but know that it is only temporary.  You have to sit the family down and help them understand why the schedule may have to change a bit.  It may take 1 parent attending games and events.  It may seem like a huge sacrifice today but in the end, the time given up today is only a small price to pay for financial peace in the future.

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