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In order to build a large network marketing organization in today’s business climate selling network marketing is not the answer. People don’t want to be pitched or sold anything these days they want the ability to make their own decision. What we need to do as network marketing professionals is provide valuable content and information to others.

We are in the information age and content is king. The more relevant and educational material you can provide to your target market the higher you can position yourself as the authority in that field.  Our new motto should be to educate and not pitch, find an area in the network marketing industry and become an expert in that one skill.

Then identify a group of people that want to learn what you have to offer!

Selling network marketing is the wrong approach to reach other network marketing professional. To be honest I don’t want to hear about another opportunity because I am satisfied with the one I have, this is the attitude of most of the people in our field.

So pitching them is a complete waste of time…

You must first build a relationship with them by giving away some great content that will help them grow the opportunity they are currently promoting.

Let’s look at some leaders in their field and see what they are doing:

Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book has been on the NY Times Best Sellers List longer than any other financial book in history because he does a wonderful job of educating and providing relevant information to individuals that want to increase their financial IQ.

Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring” book has change the way people approach their network marketing business. Mike does a great job of providing useable content to other network marketing professionals who want to learn more about the attraction marketing strategy.

Selling network marketing is simply the wrong way of building your business…

So focus your efforts on educating rather than pitching and I guarantee your business will grow.  People will begin to look at you as the authority in your specific area of expertise which in turn will explode your business!

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