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I think it is critical to share some facts about eczema.  Most pediatricians say you have to live with it.

That is simply not the truth.  Let’s look at some facts.

  • More than 15 million people in the U.S. have symptoms of eczema.

  • 65% of patients develop symptoms in the first year of life.

  • 90% of patients develop symptoms before the age of 5.

  • 10%-20% of all infants have eczema and nearly half of these children

    will improve greatly by the time they are between five and fifteen years

    of age.

  • 75% of children with atopic dermatitis go on to develop hay fever or


Mindset is critical when it comes to treating eczema safely.   It is not just the products you use on your skin that is causing the condition.  It is everything you use in and around your home.  My son’s eczema cleared up because we took the necessary precautions and still practice the same thing to this very day.  He is 6 years old now about to turn 7 and is totally eczema free without steroid creams, lotions and potions.  Steroids are very dangerous to your health.  Most prescriptions and pediatricians tell you to only use for 2 weeks at a time, have you ever asked yourself why?  The reason being is the side effects of the steroid.  My son’s skin was beginning to thin and then elidel was recalled for causing cancer.

You do not have to suffer, it is treatable and there is a safe way.  All you need to do is make small, simple changes to effectively treat your eczema.  Most people see a huge difference within the first week.  Products on the shelf at the stores are very harmful and most have dangerous ingredients like “formaldehyde” which is highly toxic and has been linked to causing cancer.

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