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Often when I come across an author, organization or speaker that I like, I share the wealth.

Well this is no exception. I was introduced to Robert Watkins and his King & Priest organization approximately 5 years ago. His meetings, teachings, books and newsletters have been inspiring as well as encouraging.

I recently received a newsletter that contained a wonderful article full of self- challenges. Each week I shared a few of the challenges on my Facebook page. My friends welcomed them and I must admit they forced me to grow.  The challenges make you question your negative behavior and embrace the new positive changes. Since the challenges were so well received, I decided to share this article with the Elev8 audience as well. I believe these challenges will help you see yourself in a new light. I hope this article will inspire you to spring clean your life and unveil a more dynamic you!

The following article is from the King & Priest Newsletter dated March 11, 2010

Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

by Dr. Robert Watkins

I know you’re up to any challenge that comes your way. But how comfortable are you with being uncomfortable – the key for risk-taking and realizing your full potential?

Many highly successful people make speeches, write books, launch businesses, confront co-workers, lead projects and promote their organizations with a certain level of fear.  “What if no one likes me?”, “What if I fail?”, “What if…”

In order to attract new relationships and resources, we must control our fears and live outside of our comfort zones.  If you’re never uncomfortable or around people who make you uncomfortable, you’re not growing. If you never stress your muscles, you never get stronger.

Here’s my 4-point strategy to become stronger, more confident and change your life, starting today:

1. For 7 days, never second yourself, make every decision based on your “first thought.”

2. Go 7 days without a single complaint coming out of your mouth.

3. This evening, confront a fear that’s been haunting your thought life.

4. Everyday, try one thing that stretches your comfort zone, even something simple like launching a new blog or making a call you’re anxious about. Instead of thinking, ‘What if I fail?’ imagine, ‘What if I succeed.”

5. Find 12 people this week to be a blessing to…such as give your product away, serve at a homeless shelter, celebrate a colleague in an email…in other words do something unexpected for someone else.

Be comfortable with uncomfortable. It may be tough, but it’s a small price to growth, change and personal success.

For more information on Kings & Priest Unlimited: http://www.kings-priests.org

I hope you were challenged by this article as much as I was. Have a wonderful week. And remember: Jesus  Rose! Happy Easter!

God Bless,


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