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The beginning of spring usually encourages us all to clean our homes. We purchase our cleaning supplies. We make our laundry list. We get started.

You may clean out your winter clothes in your closet. We  are  five days  from Easter and  it’s the perfect time to think about cleaning out your personal closet.

Here are a few suggestions:

1-Stop holding on to grudges. It takes a great deal of energy to dislike someone and keep remembering  a past infraction. When you hold a grudge you use energy that is taxing on your spirit and your body. Think about the knot  or sick feeling you get each time you see that person. You deserve to be free of that feeling.

2-Forgive yourself. We are human. We make mistakes. We are the harshest judge of ourselves . We change each day and become better people when we apply our energy to forgiveness.

3-Take care of your body. You should eat well and get rest. It may sound simple, but most of us do not heed these simple words. When you eat well you have more energy and feel stronger.

4- Make a “You Appointment”. You can make an appointment for a manicure, pedicure or just soak in a bath tub. Time to recharge your battery allows you to think clearly. Sit in a park and just listen to the birds. Stand outside your building and take a few deep breaths. “You” time  allows you  to deal with others and alleviates the feeling  of burn out.

And perhaps the reason that the spring cleaning tradition is still with us today is simply a biological one. As the days grow a little longer, and the temperatures begin to rise, our rhythms alter, giving us increased energy and a sense of rebirth and awakening. What better time of the year is there to brush away all those cobwebs and start over? Our Creator did not make us to be cluttered or bogged down with stuff.

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