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When  it comes to relationships, it seems like a battle or a war is taking place between men and women. Each gender has very diverse ideas in regards to what a relationship should look like, let alone be like.  The battle of the sexes is the consummate struggle of  men and women trying to gain a mutual understanding of one another.

While conducting research for an upcoming relationship series for Elev8, I interviewed a number of men and women between the ages of 25-45 regarding a variety of male/female relationship issues. After the interview, I asked each of the participants; based on their personal experience or from a third party perspective:

Men: What are the top 5 things that you want women to know regarding a  relationship?

Women: What are the top 5 things that you want men to know regarding a relationship?

As you can imagine,  each side had a variety of opinions. The women had quite a few, but the men basically said the same thing, maybe worded differently, but still the same. Check it out.

Top fives things women want men to know  from a woman’s perspective:

  1. Communicate more. When a problem arises or you are confronted about an issue, don’t turn away and hide. Face the problem and work it out like an adult.
  2. Stop playing games. If you don’t want a committed relationship and you just want to play the field, then say that. Stop engaging women in a committed relationship while you are still dating other women.
  3. Get a job. It is not a woman’s responsibility to take care of man. A man should take care of himself.
  4. Chivalry is not dead. A woman would like to see a man take the lead, take the initiative and open a door, pull out a chair, hold an umbrella over her in the rain, etc. Treat her like the lady that she is.
  5. Every woman does not want you. Don’t try to date every woman you meet. Appreciate and respect the women that God sends in your life.

Top five things men want women to know from a man’s perspective:

  1. Respect yourself: Be a lady. Carry yourself in a more dignified manner. Put some clothes on.
  2. Know your value and your worth. Stop settling for less. Demand more; expect more and you will get more.
  3. Guard your heart. Stop giving men your heart, especially when they haven’t earned it
  4. Friends first. Enjoy the friendship phase of the relationship. Don’t rush pass that phase to get to something more serious.
  5. Do you! Stop allowing your man’s needs, wants and desires to overshadow your own. Stay focused on your dreams, aspirations and goals. The rest will follow, including your man.

Instead of automatically being pro or con, I listened to their answers and allowed myself to really think about the points that were being made.  Subconsciously, I began internally examining myself, asking if I am guilty of any of these charges. Be it male or female, I believe that we all could work on one thing on the list, even if its just attempting to be a better communicator.

It is amazing how the challenges are not remotely similar between the sexes. It just continues to highlight the differences between the sexes, even to the core of what’s tolerated and what is expected. The Battle of the Sexes Series- A Meeting of the Minds will continue.

As always, I hope you learned something, changed some thing or removed some thing out of your life,  which enables you to be a better person.

Have a great week. Much success!

God Bless you,


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