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Famed Choreographer Shane Sparks and judge on America’s Best Dance Crew was arrested in December of 2009 for molesting a minor in 1994-1997.  Shane awaits his fate in an April hearing.  I’m going to wait to weigh in wholeheartedly on this one because we don’t know all of the facts yet but what I will say is this, the law is a little interesting.  The fact that Shane was arrested for an alleged crime committed 13 to 16 years ago helps me understand that there ARE some loopholes in the system that will capture people who prey upon children AFTER the supposed statute of limitation (10 years) has expired.  If this is the case, Shane Sparks’s case should give hope to those looking for justice.  I mean…the reality is, you CANNOT put a time limit on when it is appropriate for a victim of child molestation to decide when they are ready to talk about their pain and then penalize them if they don’t share their tumultuous experience within ten years.  That is ludicrous.  I will go to my grave swinging on that one.  There is nothing morally acceptable about that.  They don’t put statutes of limitations on murders and other crimes committed.  Why should this be any different?  To be a victim of molestation has far reaching and damaging affects for a person who has to live with the pain and shame of what was done to them.  I pray that this matter with Shane Sparks moves all the way through the system so that we can really get a clear understanding of how the law is working on our behalf or not.  I’m certain that many people in the public sector will have a lot to say in response.  I’ll come back with more details as I get them.

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