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Christian movies tend to make people cringe. This one was far from cringe worthy.

By now most of us our getting use to our church community screening movies and garnering our opinions. Much of the time we even go because we feel like we should support the cause. Two years ago we received “Fireproof” and was thrilled by the c. This year we have received No Greater Love from Coram Deo Studios As I said in an earlier column we as Christians often settles from baring the stigma of mediocrity that has historically and – sadly – often accurately been associated with Christian movies.

No Greater Love delivers a well written non preachy movie from start to finish. I’m always thrilled beyond measure when we screen a film that breaks the stigma and blows the doors off of the mediocrity label. When watching No Greater Love for review purposes, two terms kept coming to mind repeatedly: clever and high quality.

It is 109 minute feature length drama begins with a powerful and convincing argument between a young couple, about prioritizing work versus spending time on their relationship.

No sappiness here; no facade of life. The opening sequence is incredibly and painfully realistic. Before you even realize have time to think about it you are transported “behind closed doors” and intimately into the home of a young family. This initial scene is shot as if you are a “fly on the wall,” witnessing the breakdown of this family relationship.  I have spent the last few weeks grappling with really thinking hard about the worth and value of my life and my peers and this movie made an argument that was quite uncomfortable and, from a very personal standpoint, the Holy Spirit convicted me about my own work priorities before I ever got to the opening credits. Now that is powerful.

From this first argument on, No Greater Love grips the viewer and doesn’t let go. The synopsis In No Greater Love, Jeff and Heather are a young married couple with a newborn son, Ethan. Like many young couples, they each have their respective issues that they are learning to deal with, but not quickly enough to salvage their crumbling marriage. They are on the verge of divorce when Heather unexpectedly goes missing and leaves Jeff alone to raise Ethan.

Fast forward ten years as we follow Jeff’s story. He has built a great relationship with Ethan, has obtained a new girlfriend named Katie, and has a career in the advertising industry that is prospering. His life is pretty simple and seemingly on a good track.

One day at a coffee shop, Jeff meets with a man named Dave who he has befriended. Dave invites him to bring Ethan to Kid’s Fest – a Christian day camp for children. It is from there that you are presented with the discussions that we have all wondered about daily.

You may watch the first 30 minutes of the movie  by clicking here.

Rating: PG

Available in: DVD

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