Rid Your Home Of Toxins To Help Your Eczema

I bet you didn’t realize that everything you use in your home is toxic.  When we clean our homes we are using toxic cocktails which is ultimately very dangerous to our overall health and our most important organ, our skin.  There are so many risks to using products like Dove, Tide, Lime Away, Cascade and even Johnson’s baby products.  The Mayo Clinic warns formaldehyde in our household and personal care products can irritate the respiratory system, cause skin reactions (like eczema) and trigger heart palpitations.  The EPA warns that our homes are 70 times more toxic than outside.


What is formaldehyde?  It is known as quarternium and is very dangerous and harmful to the skin.  Did you know it is used as a preservative and is in almost everything you use on your body?  It is the cheapest ingredient these manufacturing companies can get their hands on.

When you decide to take control of what you use in your home, you will see a huge difference in your skin and your health.  This is all tied together.  When you use high quality products that cost you less money, the results are phenomenal and only you will know how you feel and the difference you see.

Click here to learn more details on how to get the toxins out of your home to help your eczema.

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