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My son had eczema at birth until 10 months old and we were prescribed prescription Elidel and were told to use on all areas where the eczema irritated his skin.  We didn’t know that it was causing thinning in his skin and the possible risk of cancer.  We learned early on about the side affects.  There are so many users of atopic creams and a lot are unaware of the dangers.

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is one of the most common skin disorders seen in infants and children, affecting 10 to 15 per cent of the childhood population,” states the FDA.

A few years after approving the drug, the FDA decided there was a cancer-risk associated with Elidel. In a public health advisory published in March, 2005 (an advisory that was also aimed at Protopic, another anti-eczema product made by Japanese company Astellas), the FDA recommended that Elidel only be used as a “second-line agent for short-term and intermittent treatment of atopic dermatitis (eczema) in patients unresponsive to, or intolerant of, other treatments.”

Adults or children with weakened immune systems were advised to avoid the drug. The FDA also urged parents not to use Elidel on kids younger than two years old.  In addition to possibly hurting people’s immune systems, the FDA admitted that Elidel might also be carcinogenic.

“Animal studies have shown that three different species of animals developed cancer following exposure to [Elidel and Protopic] applied topically, or given by mouth, including mice, rats and a recent study of monkeys,” the FDA explained.

“As of December 2004, the FDA had received 10 cases of postmarketing reports linking Elidel with cancer-related adverse events,” added the public health advisory. “Four cases occurred in children, three of these in children less than six years old. The other six cases occurred in adults.”

There are other safer ways to treat eczema.  You can hear my story here and I can help you or your love one get rid of it for good.  You can make smart and simple changes in the products you are using in and around your home.  Know the facts.

Are you tired of suffering from eczema?  You don’t have to anymore.  I can help you.

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